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An optimized Solution

  • The unbeatable absorbency of SuperCore® makes it the ideal solution for virtually every application.

  • Our flexible process offers virtually limitless opportunities in product design and application. The choice of independent components totally depends on the individual needs of our customers and end-users.

  • Set your imagination and ideas free - the possibilities are endless. Challenge us - we thrive on bringing your vision to reality.

An optimised solution

The unbeatable absorbency of Super-Core's makes it the ideal solution for virtually every application:

Feminine Hygiene

The trend to ever thinner Ultra Thins and panty liners continues unchanged. Leading producers of feminine hygiene products rely on the superior fluid distribution of SuperCore® and promise comfort and cleanliness to millions of women.

Baby Diapers

Rapid absorbency and wicking are just two of the must-haves in diaper core design. A preformed absorbent core system from SuperCore® can easily be integrated into the diaper and can optimise production time, energy use and lower waste.

Incontinence Products

A weak bladder does not have to be a restriction to a fulfilling life any longer. Incontinence products based on SuperCore® are trusted for their absorbency and discretion.

SuperCore® in comparison with the traditional system 

  • SuperCore

    SuperCore® single layer incl. SAP or SAF
    SuperCore® c-folded incl. SAP or SAF

    traditional system

    the surface of the airlaid sheetbis sprayed with 0,1-0,2 grams hot-melt glue
    0,1 - 0,2 grams SAP is dosed into the middle of the sheet
    The C-fold is closed. The SAP is trapped inside of a tight structure of glues and binders

SuperCore® in comparison with the traditional system


single layer/c-folded

traditionel system:
82 TB 150 x 210 mm = 2,5 gr
Fluff   -2,65 gr (33 % more!) 2,0 gr
+ bicos   -0,0 gr 0,5 gr
    -------------- --------------
+ hot-melt   -0,0 gr 0,15 gr
+ SAP 1,0   -1,0 gr 1,0 gr
  -------------- --------------
  3,65 gr 3,65 gr