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The name speaks for itself: SuperCore

  • SuperCore® is the first Airlaid to be produced without synthetic glues or binders!

    Thanks to the elimination of raw materials that are non-absorptive, e.g. latex, SuperCore's performance is superior to conventional airlaids.

  • With SuperCore® your products are always a step ahead. You too can take full advantage of

    - Unbeatable absorbency
    - Minimised thickness
    - Superior wicking
    - Improved production efficiencies
    - Environmentally friendliness

  • McAirlaid's flexible production technology allows us to take your specific requirements and mass customise a final product according to your needs.

Unbeatable absorbency - See for yourself!

For instance we take 30ml
of fluid ....

...and an ultra-thin

Pour the fluid over the


... and in a very short time
the fluid is captured inside
the absorbent core.


Excellent fluid dispersion withstanding the law of gravity.