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Core Competence: Absorption

  • Whether hygienic products, food packaging or filtration - McAirlaid's is a sound partner in all things Absorption. And as in all good partnerships, the wishes and performance requirements that you have are especially important. We translate your specific product needs, your vision and ideas into reality.

  • International customers rely on the know-how and service of McAirlaid's. Daily a wide range of nonwovens is delivered worldwide from our facilities in Germany, Estonia and the USA. 

  • We specialise in absorbent materials for fluid control and offer a unique patented airlaid nonwoven, produced without glues or binders: SuperCore®.

... is a private airlaid producer with production facilities in Berlingerode and Heiligenstadt (Germany), Tallinn (Estonia) and Rocky Mount (USA).

We produce the first, second-generation airlaid and have specialised ourselves in absorption materials.

With the application of the modern airlaid technology based on our proprietary patented bonding technology we can offer an airlaid non-woven, which is produced without the use of any synthetic fibres making it one-of-a-kind worldwide: